Family Wedding Fun

My subtitle for this piece would be, “Me Telling Stories About My Kids That Probably Aren’t Interesting To Anyone Else, But I’m A Mom, And I Get To Do This Sometimes.” The Subtitle for the Subtitle would be: “She Ain’t Going To Win Any Awards For Photography.”

Last weekend we had the awesome experience of attending my nephew’s wedding. (Yay Malequi and Meredith!) It was a very large, family-friendly wedding and we had a wonderful time. During the reception they asked anyone who was related to bride or groom to come out in the hallway for a picture. There was a lot of family and the majority of them were little ones (and no, they were not all mine!) and so the picture took a while. Afterwards people were milling around everywhere, we could hear the dance music starting up in the ballroom and my husband Andy and I exchanged a look. Andy asked, “I wonder if we could find someone to watch the kids for a while so we could dance.” I nodded my agreement. That would be nice. Then I looked around a bit. Wait a minute. Where were the kids? Only Baby Noah, who was attached to me at the knee, was in sight. Andy picked up Noah and we started looking around. I walked over near the door to the ballroom and looked in. The dancing had started. It looked fun. Then I looked a bit closer. Wait a minute. Were those my kids? Yep. The 9 and 10 year old boys had taken to the dance floor and were having no problem keeping up with everyone else. The other younger kids were hopping around on the sidelines, clearly delighted that there was going to be dancing. I called for Andy to come see and we stood there open-mouthed as our boys danced all over the floor. Who taught them that?? Sure wasn’t me. My husband is an excellent dancer. I am not, but I enjoy dancing with him. He makes me look half-way decent. We don’t dance often though. Weddings, the Company Christmas Party, impromptu spins around the living room…that’s about it. We’re still not sure where our boys came up with this. Of course, by the second song I was thinking clearly enough to get out my phone and get some pictures.



Even the baby got into it.



Finally a slow dance came on. Andy handed Noah to the 10 year old and asked him to hold him for a couple minutes so we could dance. It was romantic, but I was distracted. I kept glancing around to see where the kids were, trying to make sure no one was getting into trouble. Andy laughed and said, “Don’t look! Just for a minute!” I was about to nod my agreement until I saw that Noah had freed himself from his brother, walked over to the cupcake table, grabbed a cupcake(with a plate!) and then settled on the floor to enjoy his treat.


Ah well, dancing time was over now. He certainly enjoyed his cupcake though. It fueled him up enough that he stayed awake for the rest of the party and was not the first child to fall asleep when we finally piled up in our van.

Thank you Malequi and Meredith for inviting us to your wedding and throwing a wonderful party!

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