What a Coincidence

What are the odds? I’ve been thinking about coincidence. You may ask, What made you interested in coincidence? I will tell you:  Waking up in the middle of the night, thirsty, grabbing my cup of water and carefully trying to get a sip while still half-laying down, and then my husband takes that moment to turn over in his sleep and knocks my cup of water and I get a faceful of water…That is what made me think of coincidence. I mean really, what are the odds that he is going to choose that very moment in time to suddenly turn over in his sleep???

As I lay in bed, completely awake, now that I had been dosed with a cup of water, I started thinking about other coincidences, like when I get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and walk into the bathroom and find that a child has already beat me there. Or, when you have a newborn baby that wakes up multiple times a night and then one night the baby sleeps through the entire night! But the toddler is up in the night with a bad dream and the 8 year old is up in the night with a stomach virus. And you just sit there thinking, “Really?”

We can take this out to a wider scope too. What were the chances that we would sign up with a Boy Scout Troupe and the leader has a son named Judah just like you do, and both Judahs are the same age, and share the same birthday. And have the same middle initial.. Or when my husband spent the summer in remote Bethel, Alaska and while there ran into one of his childhood friends from Dexter, Maine. Or my daughter was in a play this summer and then when she went to college one of her co-cast members happened to have the dorm room right next to her. Or, and this one happens a lot, I decide that today I’m going on a low-carb diet and then my daughter shows up with 5 loaves of Panera Bread.

I googled around the internet, curious about Coincidence. I read some interesting articles but they all basically came up with the same conclusion…it’s a mystery. They also came up with some pretty cool stories of people relating Coincidences that happened to them.

Some coincidences I think are God ordained. The other day I was taking a walk with my two little ones. I passed an older woman on the sidewalk who eyed my two toddlers and then paused to launch into a little speech about how she knew all about Those Days, running after kids etc, and now she was a Mamaw and was still running after little kids.. Then she looked at me more carefully, noted my grey hair and tired eyes and said, well, now, you must be a mamaw too. (For those who need interpretation, Mamaw= Grandma). I gulped back any nasty retort that might have popped into my head and instead just smiled and said, No, just an old mom, and went on my way, feeling very depressed…and old. I kept walking and eventually got to the park where we were headed and took the kids to the public bathroom. While we were in there, a young woman came in who looked like she might have had Down Syndrome. She looked at me and the kids and she smiled a big smile and then she said, You are Very Pretty!! I was surprised, but was able to keep my wits about me enough to tell her that she was very pretty too. I went on my way feeling happier, and it occurred to me that God probably had something to do with that encounter, whether you want to call it a coincidence or not.

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