Leave No Trace

In the Bible in the book of Revelation, there is mentioned this 1000 years of time when Jesus will rule on the earth. I am not a theologian or a scholar. I have heard some good teaching on Revelation, but the best teachers all freely admit that there is no way of knowing what everything means. The important thing is that Jesus is coming back. 


So, every once in a while I think about that 1000 years. Lets just say, for the sake of my idea, that Jesus was literally going to come to earth and rule the earth for 1000 years? What would that be like? What would he do? 


I have a theory. Here it is. I bet he would spend that 1000 years having all the people work on cleaning up the mess they made of the earth. 1000 years to go and gather all the trash out of the ocean. 1000 years to clean up all the toxins and chemicals that have been spread all over the ground and water. 1000 years to eliminate from our environment all the cheap substances we’ve come up with that are causing cancer and killing off the insects and other animals. 


It seems like a worthy way to spend the time. 


This past week there have been demonstrations around the world where people are demanding changes be made to fight climate change. 


I know that some people don’t believe in climate change. And you have a lot of evidence to back up your beliefs. I get that. But, even if you don’t think the climate is changing, or you think the present climate change is simply happening because of other natural reasons…Can you not at least acknowledge that the current way we are doing things is hurting our planet? Even if the climate isn’t changing, our oceans sure are filling up with plastic trash. The amount of garbage and trash that the United States is producing is crazy. The chemicals that the Big Food Industry are pouring on the ground is killing off our insects and especially the bees. Whether the carbon emissions are causing the weather to change or not, they certainly are causing air pollution. 


We can not continue as we are without reaping heavy consequences. We already are reaping heavy consequences, we’re just not paying attention.


I am as guilty as the next person. 


Convenience is a big part of it. It’s not convenient to take my own bags to the grocery store. It’s not convenient to take stuff to the recycling center. 


Cost is another big part. I am trying to raise a large family with a limited amount of money and buying the “responsibly packaged” organic food at the store is simply not in my budget. Like, not even anywhere close to being in my budget. 


But, there are definitely things I can do. I can recycle. Our city actually makes it pretty easy. I can take my own bags to the grocery store. I can be careful about not putting poisons all over my yard that are hurting the insects and bees. And probably the biggest thing, I can talk to my children about it. Instill a desire in them to treat our earth carefully. Instill in them the habit of recycling. Start making them aware of problems in our earth that need to be addressed. 


It is my hope that our current culture of “Do whatever you want as long as it makes you money” can be replaced with the camping mantra my husband has taught us when we go camping…Leave no trace. Leave nature as it was or better so that the next person who comes along can enjoy it too. 



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