Not the Same Old Same Old

IMG_20200117_074805_915Yesterday my alarm woke me up at 6 am. I laid in bed, not wanting to move. I tried to inspire myself to movement by thinking about everything I needed to get done in the next 50 minutes before I woke up the kids. Get dressed, cook breakfast, sign homework folders, write sick excuse notes for two kids, have my devotions. 




That was not inspiring me to get up. 


I tried to think about all the things I needed to do today, thinking maybe that will stir up a bit of excitement for the day. Hmm. Lets see. Clean house. Feed kids. Go grocery shopping. Take care of kids. Ad nauseam. Nope. That wasn’t inspiring either. Honestly, that just sounded like a repeat of all my days. Each day running into the next. Same old day. Nothing new under the sun. 


I finally managed to drag myself out of bed, cook the oatmeal, do the stuff. Get the kids up. Braid little girl’s hair. Everyone got your backpacks? Ok, let’s get moving. We all filed out to the van. It was still dark outside and I could tell that the whole sky was covered in clouds. But, right over there, on the horizon, there was a small break in the cloud bank and the sunrise was pouring through that hole. 


At first the clouds were just a dark purply-pink. It wasn’t drawing a lot of attention to itself. I had to point it out to the kids. Look! The sunrise is just starting! As I pulled the van out, I was once again thankful that my trip to the school takes me almost directly East. Every morning I get to drive into the sunrise. We all practiced our Bible verse for the week as we drove and then I started my daily out-loud prayer for the family. I was in the middle of a sentence when the van crested over a steep hill and suddenly we could see the entire valley and a glowing orange and pink sky….Oh my goodness! Look everyone! My spirits lifted a little more. 


I stopped at the first school then headed west to get to the next school, then finished the circle and pulled into my driveway. I kept the car running, sat in my seat and just watched the amazing show that was happening up in the heavens. I finally got out of the car, took a picture, then went back into the house…on with the day. 


I found out a couple hours later that a dear elderly woman in our church had passed away that morning. And I wonder now, if that sunrise was for her. 


And I am convicted once again, that there is no such thing as a normal, boring, ordinary day. One of my favorite verses is Psalm 118:24,This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

The only way to rejoice and be glad in a day, is to look carefully, purposefully, for all the things that we can be glad about. A beautiful sunrise. A three year old’s silly comments. A warm fire. Money to buy groceries. A home large enough to fit all my kids. Being part of a family. Laughing with friends. 

Yes. My boring, nothing-happening day was actually a good day. Full of wonder, if I just took the time to look. 


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